Advanced car diagnostics in Bangor

Correct the issues that are causing engine warning lights with quality services from The Motor Gym.

Stop those engine warning lights with our services

If you are not sure of what the engine warning light means and need an expert to look into it, get in touch with The Motor Gym. We use advanced equipment that allows us to carry out accurate diagnostics. Our industry-standard Snap-On Solus Pro diagnostic computer can provide quality diagnostics for hundreds of vehicles from 26 different manufacturers. Our equipment also allows us to analyse live engine data to detect existing and potential issues. The current and historic diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) can be read and/or reset in most cases. 
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Computerised diagnostics

Rely on us for: 

  • Computerised diagnostics
  • Accurate reports
  • Quality servicing and repairs
  • ECU remapping
  • Manual inspections and more
fuel drain services

Our fuel drain services

We also specialise in carrying out quality fuel drain services when you have put the wrong type of fuel in your car. Our garage has the latest tools that allow us to drain out the wrong fuel efficiently. Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quotation.
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